Language Value seeks to become a scholarly arena for the exploration of the attitudes and values conveyed by users of the English language in different contexts and situations. Scholars, teachers and researchers interested in this topic are welcome to submit their proposals. The journal also accepts discussion articles, which present criticisms of articles previously published in the journal and are subject to the same review process as the rest of the articles. General comments are not accepted. The discussion articles should make a significant contribution to the works already published and should provoke debate between authors and readers. Monographic issues within the scope of the journal are also welcome.

The journal also publishes book reviews and multimedia material in the field of applied linguistics and discourse analysis. If you wish to send a copy of the volume or product for the journal to publish a review, please contact the editors.

Language Value, the first online magazine published by the Universitat Jaume I, is published by the Department of English Studies at least once a year in the third quarter. All research articles in this journal follow a rigorous double-blind peer review.

ISSN 1989-7103

It is indexed in ISOC, ERIH PLUS, DIALNET, LATINDEX, Linguist List, EBSCO, RESH, Dulcinea, MIAR, DICE, CIRC and CSIC.