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Language Value publishes articles, review and commentary essays aiming to the interdisciplinary analysis of English language use. This international peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to the publication of contemporary articles on theoretical and applied linguistics and their pedagogical implications.

Language Value seeks to become a scholarly arena for the exploration of the attitudes and values conveyed by users of the English language in different contexts and situations. Scholars, teachers and researchers interested in this topic are welcome to submit their proposals. The journal also accepts commentary articles. These will provide critiques on articles previously published in the journal and will be refereed in the same way as all the other articles. General comments will not be accepted; commentary articles must be a substantial contribution to already published work and should encourage discussion among authors and readers.

The journal publishes book and multimedia reviews relevant to the field of Linguistics. Please contact the Editors if you wish to send a copy of a volume or product to be reviewed in the journal.

Language Value, the first online journal published by Universitat Jaume I, is edited at least once a year by the Department of English Studies. All research articles in this journal undergo rigorous double-blind peer review.

ISSN 1989-7103

Language Value is indexed in ISOC, ERIH PLUS, DIALNET, LATINDEX, Linguist List, EBSCO and RESH.

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Posted: 2017-10-10
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Vol 9 (2017)

Table of Contents

Whole Issue PDF


From the editors PDF
Vicent Beltrán-Palanques, Blanca García Riaza i-iv


Contributions of new technologies to the teaching of English pronunciation PDF
Yolanda Joy Calvo Benzies 1-35
Learners’ identities at stake: Digital identity texts in the EFL classroom PDF
María Dolores García-Pastor 36-61
iDub – The Potential of Intralingual Dubbing in Foreign Language Learning: How to Assess the Task PDF
Noa Talaván, Tomás Costal 62-88
Teaching apps for the learning of languages through sports: Technology and sports in the English and Spanish as a L2/FL classroom PDF
Carla Mª Botella Tejera, Mª Mar Galindo Merino 89-131
Up2B2: Playing English grammar games at the B2 level PDF
Irina Argüelles Álvarez, Margarita Martínez Núñez, Ana Belén García Hernando, Antonio da Silva Fariña 132-159
Medical English teaching and beyond: A multimodal and integrated approach PDF
Daniele Franceschi 160-183
Assessing politeness of requestive speech acts produced by Japanese learners of English in a spoken corpus PDF
Aika Miura 184-217

Book and Multimedia Reviews

A Practical Guide to Integrating Technology into Task-Based Language Teaching PDF
Salvador Montaner Villalba 218-221
Second Language Acquisition: A Theoretical Introduction to Real World Applications PDF
Donna Fernández Nogueira 222-227

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